Obama Campaign Tries (And Fails) to Explain ‘Revenge’ Remarks








President Barack Obama during a campaign speech in Ohio yesterday encouraged supporters to use their vote to get back at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, TheBlaze reported.

“Don’t boo, vote! Vote! Voting’s the best revenge!” he said.

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Obama Tells Crowd Voting is Best ‘Revenge’ Against Romney









President Obama called voting “the best revenge” on Friday at a rally in Ohio.

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Axelrod: Obama’s energy comes ‘from his loins’







David Axelrod, Obama’s senior strategist, said he’s never seen President Obama so “exhilarated,” adding that the energy the president is exuding comes “from his loins.”

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Claim: ‘Hail Obama’ Chants at First Lady Rally







At campaign a rally featuring First Lady Michelle Obama in Daytona, Florida, there were reportedly chants of “Hail Obama,” according to one local reporter. Mike Synan, a local reporter at WOFL FOX 35, writes on Twitter:

Crowd for #FLOTUS event in Daytona now chanting “Hail Obama”. Wow, just wow #fox35

— Mike Synan (@msynan) November 1, 2012

Minutes later, he repeated his claim:

True. Would not lie. Chanting “Hail Obama” RT @jeffreybillman: @msynan For real, or are you just Drudge-baiting?


Source:   http://weeklystandard.com/blogs/claim-hail-obama-chants-first-lady-rally_660016.html

Anti-Pot Legalization Ex-DEA Boss Won’t Reject Suggestion Obama Takes ‘Laundered Drug Money’

NEW YORK — A conference call organized to oppose marijuana legalization quickly went off the rails on Monday when the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration refused to reject the suggestion that the Obama campaign is accepting contributions from drug dealers.

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Obama Campaign Borrows $15M from Bank of America – Warren Buffett invested $5B in BofA last year





Obama For America took out a $15 million loan from Bank of America last month, according to the campaign’s October monthly FEC report. The loan was incurred on September 4 and is due November 14, eight days after the election. OFA received an interest rate of 2.5% plus the current Libor rate.

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Sandra Fluke Campaign Stop in Reno Draws 10 People!





Sandra Fluke, a social justice advocate and campaign surrogate for Democratic President Barack Obama, speaks in Reno on Saturday. / Emerson Marcus/RGJ

Sandra Fluke, the woman at the center of a media firestorm earlier this year after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut,” spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno.

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YIKES!! Bruce Springsteen’s Obama anthem is pretty terrible

Take a listen:

The Boss is a huge Obama supporter. To that end, he debuted an original campaign song at an Obama rally in Parma, Ohio yesterday and… it was pretty awful.

On second thought, a stream of idiotic & incoherent ramblings seems oddly appropriate for the Obama campaign. Forward and away we go!


Source:   http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2012/10/19/yikes-bruce-springsteens-obama-anthem-is-pretty-terrible/

Planned Parenthood Chief to Campaign ‘full time’ for Obama in Final Weeks





Cecile Richards drew fire from an anti-abortion-rights group after saying Mitt Romney’s election would set women back decades.

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Clinton Lends Star Power to Democratic Candidates

Clinton lends star power to Democratic candidates


WASHINGTON (AP) — Twelve years after leaving the White House, Bill Clinton is campaigning as if he’s in the political race of his life.

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DC Report: Is Possible Donor Scandal Story Distracting Obama?





photo via Getty Images.


US President Barack Obama waves to supporters at a campaign rally October 4, 2012 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisconsin. Obama returned to the campaign trail after taking part in the first presidential debate on October 3, 2012 in Denver. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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Obama Campaign Shifts Into Extreme Attack Mode


With its candidate having been swamped in the debate by an aggressive and articulate Gov. Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign is switching fully into attack mode, moving beyond earlier assaults on Romney’s business record and wealth toward a new drive to destroy his character.

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Examiner Editorial: To believe Obama is to Forget the Last Four Years






President Barack Obama (AP photo)


Imagine you hire a company to fix your roof. They proceed to do shoddy work, miss every promised deadline and go wildly over budget. Would you then hire them to add a new room to your house?

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Screaming Obama Supporter Explains Why We Need to Re-Elect President: ‘He Gave Us a Phone, He Gonna Do More!’




(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Yesterday, both President Obama and Mitt Romney were in the swing state of Ohio campaigning. At one Romney event near Cleveland, a group of Obama supporters gathered to voice their dislike for Romney.

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Sebelius to Hit Campaign Trail Again After Hatch Act Violation






Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will soon be back to doing what she does best — campaigning for President Obama.

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Busy Obama Campaigning In Virginia Today







President Obama, who has failed to make room in his schedule to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or any other world leader during this week’s opening of the UN General Assembly, will be campaigning today in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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CBS Omits Clip From Broadcast of Obama Admitting His Campaign Has Gone ‘Overboard’ & Made Campaign Ad ‘Mistakes’







It’s an undisputed fact that the American people have a high level of distrust for the mainstream media — just look at the startling Gallup numbers released last week. A recent decision by CBS News to omit a portion of an interview with President Barack Obama in which he admitted mistakes and blunders in campaign ads is likely to add to the lack of public confidence in mainstream outlets.

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Obama hits Romney with new Medicare study

Obama hits Romney with new Medicare study

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama is drawing new attention to Medicare in the all-important battleground of Florida, taking on his Republican challenger Mitt Romney on an issue that has been more favorable to Democrats.

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Obama the Demigod Comes Down to Earth







It began, like the Obama presidency itself, with the loftiest of hopes and the greatest of expectations.

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Steelworker Featured at DNC Didn’t Work for Bain







Getty Images/Getty Images – CHARLOTTE, NC – SEPTEMBER 05: Former employee at companies controlled by Romney’s Bain Capital David Foster speaks during day two of the Democratic National Convention at Time Warner

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The Democrats’ Israel Problem





This is an exceptionally dangerous time for Israel. Iran is driving toward a nuclear bomb, and has pledged to wipe Israel off the map.

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Anderson Cooper On Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘Alternate Reality’ (VIDEO)





Anderson Cooper openly mocked the Democrats’ attempts to brush past the controversy surrounding changes to its platform on Wednesday night.

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Obama sister, brother-in-law: They haven’t changed

Obama sister, brother-in-law: They haven't changed

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Michelle Obama’s brother says the first lady was reluctant to enter politics, but she is thriving as ‘mom-in-chief.’

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Why Does Rush Limbaugh Think Dems Moving Prez‘s DNC Speech Is One of the ’Most Significant’ Obama Events?






Rush Limbaugh (AP)

On Wednesday, conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh argued that the decision to move President Obama’s convention speech to a smaller indoor venue is a “huge thing,“ and warned listeners not to ”doubt” him.

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DNC Almighty Nightmare In Charlotte: Now Dems Put God And Jerusalem Language Back Into The Platform







This has become a disaster for the Democrats and a boon to the Romney campaign. The DNC has now added God back into their platform language after originally taking it out.

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