Before going public on the New York Stock Exchange, Genius Sports revitalizes the name

Genius Sports, a multinational sports technology and data company, has changed its name to better reflect on its long-term goals. The project involves the development of a new marketing approach, design, identity, and implementation, headed by independent multinational brand agency Dragon Rouge.

NYSE GENI  at is the driving force behind the digital sports data ecosystem, which connects sports, betting, and media. It provides backend/outsourced technologies and resources used by sports betting firms to operate their brands, and digital advertising and marketing services used by sports, media, and betting companies to help attract sports fans.

All of the world’s top leagues and federations, including the NFL, NBA, EPL, MLB, FIBA, NCAA, and PGA Tour, have signed up as Genius Sports partners.

Genius Sports reported plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange in Q4 2020, following impressive year-over-year growth. Before its Initial public offering, the company recognized the value of answering core brand issues, such as positioning its approach, restructuring its brand infrastructure, and bringing this to life through a refreshed and reinvigorated identity, and hired Dragon Rouge to lead the charge.


The business had organically evolved from a single Betgenius brand established in 2000 to a collective of brands working around the broader sports data space, so it now needed to make strategic brand choices to sustain its success.

The company has never been scared to build its own direction and take a long-term approach that benefits anyone who uses sports data. Its various activities put it in a unique position to consider and influence the entire sports data environment. The new brand approach emphasizes championing the revolutionary mindset as a visionary who benefits the whole market and is committed to making a difference with partners and consumers.

The decision was taken by NYSE GENI to move from a master brand architecture as Brilliant Sports Group to a monolithic brand architecture as Genius Sports (with Genius Sports, Betgenius, and Genius Sports Media underneath). It allowed it to maintain established brand value, also awareness of its offerings as a single integrated brand that can collect, organize, refine, and enhance interactions for sports, betting, and media companies.


The status of the NYSE GENI as a pioneer and innovator in sports technologies and data is reinforced by the current Genius Sports brand name, which stands out among competitors

Precision, integration, and resources are also incorporated into the current logo. It combines the excitement and boldness of sporting events with comprehensive, data-driven organization and optimization. The logotype and monogram may be used together or separately, demonstrating the graphic language’s simplicity and versatility. You can check other stocks like nasdaq zy at

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