identity ecosystem

Government to Test ‘Identity Ecosystem’ in Two States: ‘Sound scary? It is’

An online program the White House is calling an “Identity Ecosystem” will be introduced in two states next month. The concept involves a secure online ID that Americans could use to verify their identity across multiple websites, starting with local government services.

Could this signal start of WW III

How Sanctions Against Russia Could Signal the Beginning of World War III

      Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures after signing treaty incorporating Crimea into Russia in the Kremlin in Moscow on March 18, 2014.  Putin described the move as the restoration of historic injustice and a necessary response to what he called the Western encroachment on Russa’s vital interests.

Internet Map-U.S Gives up control of Internet

U.S Gives Up Control of the Internet;Russia, China Could Pounce

  R.I.P. Internet, we hardly knew ye. The World Wide Web turned 25 on March 12, and two days later, the Obama administration decided that eh, it had a good run.

Romeike-family Home Schooling-deported

Team Obama Wins Fight to Have Christian Home-school Family Deported

    Uwe and Hannelore Romeike came to the United States in 2008 seeking political asylum. They fled their German homeland in the face of religious persecution for homeschooling their children.

Cyprus Russia War Ship

Mystery: Russian Warship Docks in Cuba Without Warning

        A Russian warship docked in Havana Wednesday, without explanation from Cuba or the Russian government.

Ammunition Stockpile-DHS

Department of Homeland Security’s Ammunition Binge Continues

If the US Post Office is in the market for assorted small arms ammunition, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration needed 72,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammo, the National Weather Service needed 46,000 rounds of the same, the Social Security Administration needed 174,000 rounds, and the Department of Education needed to spend $80,000 on Glocks [...]


Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism

Documents from an Ohio National Guard (ONG) training drill conducted last January reveal the details of a mock disaster where Second Amendment supporters with “anti-government” opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists. The ONG 52nd Civil Support Team training scenario involved a plot from local school district employees to use biological weapons in order to advance their [...]

2016 Obama's America

D’Souza Producer: ‘I Never Feared My Govt Until Now’

    Gerald Molen, the producer of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary film “2016: Obama’s America,” says he never feared his government before he learned that D’Souza is under federal investigation for election fraud. 

Utah law enforcement -grenade launchers


U.S. Army Spc. Jonathan Cepeda, a security force member of the Guam Army National Guard assigned to the Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), signals to the driver of a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle to park after returning to Farah from Herat, Afghanistan, Feb. 1, 2010. MRAPs like these are being turned over to [...]

Iranian foreign minister

Iran Foreign Minister: WH Wrong About Deal, ‘We Did Not Agree to Dismantle Anything’

YouTube Video Foreign Minister Zarif of Iran said on CNN that the White House is getting the nuclear deal wrong — and that they don’t have to give up anything: Said the Iranian foreign minister, “The White House version both underplays the concessions and overplays Iranian commitment. And I’m not interested in that. I’m simply [...]

IRS Agents Audit Conservatives

Investigate the investigators? GOP lawmakers urge probe of IRS scandal review

Watch the latest video at Republican lawmakers, frustrated by the Justice Department’s slow-moving probe into the IRS targeting scandal and “conflict of interest” concerns, are now calling for the investigators to be investigated. Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Wednesday formally requested that the Justice Department’s inspector general launch his own [...]

Connecticut Gun Registry-Weimar

‘Looks Like Weimar Germany’: The Viral Photo Out of Connecticut That’s Giving Some Gun Owners Chills

YouTube Video A now-viral photo showing a long line of Connecticut residents waiting to register their guns and ammo is circulating across the Internet — and it’s sending chills down the backs of some gun owners.

National Security Agency Spying Controversy

Report: NSA Intercepts Computer Deliveries

LONDON (AP) — A German magazine lifted the lid on the operations of the National Security Agency’s hacking unit Sunday, reporting that American spies intercept computer deliveries, exploit hardware vulnerabilities, and even hijack Microsoft’s internal reporting system to spy on their targets.

dashcam video of veteran's arrest

Dashcam Video Released of Vet’s Viral Arrest for ‘Rudely Displaying’ Rifle on Hike With Son – and It Reveals the Context Everyone’s Been Waiting For

  Officials in Bell County, Texas, have released the dashcam footage of a police officer in Temple, Texas, disarming and arresting decorated veteran C.J. Grisham while he was on a hike with his son in March. The officer is seen grabbing the dad’s gun and then seemingly attempting to unlatch it from the man’s sling [...]

Henry Chao House Holds Hearing Obamacare

Obamacare Official Admits Something So Incredible You’ll Wonder Why You’re Just Now Hearing About It

Deputy chief information officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Henry Chao (Getty Images)   A large portion of the error-riddled, multimillion dollar federal health insurance exchange system has not even been built yet, according to a senior official involved in the construction of the website. The revelation came Tuesday during a House [...]